The Blog of Jack Holloway

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I've always been a nervous guy
Gotta straighten my jacket and fix my tie
I'm happy, anxious, sad and scared
Who could want a man impaired?

I want to see inside your heart
See every wound and every scar
Know every bit of who you are
But, really, I want to be a part

Will you hold my hand and walk with me?
I want to hold your hand and walk with you

I feel at home in your embrace
Perfect comfort, perfect peace
I want to make you my new home
I want to have you for my own

All I have is only dreams
And I've placed my dreams right at your feet
So gently carry on your way
With my dreams embedded in your street

I'm gonna rattle my bones and shake my frame
Gonna put it all together and make it okay
I'm gonna clean my tongue and straighten my act
Gonna be the one and take it all back
Cause I don't want to walk without you