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Thursday, April 7, 2011

April 6th, a Psalm

I. Rescue me, O LORD!
Heal me, O Father!
II. Suffering is buried within my bones
Agony, within my core
III. Uncertainty blankets my aching skull
Ambivalence beleaguers my pestered brain
IV. I have been disgraced by my sin
I strive to be made whole.
V. Your way is righteous
Mine, corrupt.
VI. O LORD, free me from this oppression!
Heal my diseased spirit
For I know that You can do it!
VII. O Father, how desperate I am for Your forgiveness!
How urgently I must experience Your atonement!
VIII. I surrender my life to you, O Lord!
Unto You, I surrender my life!
IX. All the universe proclaims Your glory!
All the earth gives evidence to Your majesty!
X. Your beauty is portrayed in every person
And Your healing power is faithful.
XI. Rescue me, O LORD!
Heal me, O Father!

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