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Monday, May 23, 2011

Dialogue Between a Stranger to Joy and a Stranger to Fear

Did I lose all my angels when I tried to end my life and when I dropped and cursed Your name did it make You ashamed to call me Your own son and in my mother’s womb, unborn and nonexistent, was I better then?
Was it better then? When I wasn’t around

I am sitting here in the blazing sun while my eyes are filled with water and my hand is filled with pills and my aching mind is thinking “Ain’t it great that I can go to sleep and wake up in the morning, start all over again
with Your graces anew?

After all
I’m sitting in the blazing Son"

And I will soar on Your wings just like the angel that I am in You and though these mountains take up all my sight I’ll hold on tight and fly up to the sky as the birds go by and the stars as they lighten up my night
You lighten up my night

Ain’t it pretty?

"You didn’t lose all your angels when you tried to end your life and when you dropped and cursed My name I looked at you and smiled and said “Oh well I know he’s coming home so I’m not going to worry and he’s better than...
better than he thinks he is”"

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