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Thursday, July 12, 2012

50 Shades of Grey, not 100 Shades of Black

"There's going to be an infiltration. An invasion of this book [Fifty Shades of Grey] and its aftermath will soon impact marriages, friendships, communities, and businesses.  You will be unable to avoid it.  Fourteen-year-olds are going to secretly sneak into their mom's room and read its pages.  Pornography downloads and purchases will rise.  Misogyny will heap burning coals on your sister, your cousin, and your best friend.  Men (not all men) will take advantage of a reader's newfound sexual confidence.  Women will believe a loving sexual relationship involves rope, whips, and dominance.  Forty-somethings will compromise, saying 'a little fantasy doesn't hurt anyone' and perhaps even think, 'this has actually helped my marriage' (e.g., "I finally want to have sex again").  Images will seep into minds for the long haul, waiting until a weak moment where they can creep in and cause dissatisfaction, lust, or carnal selfishness."
- Karen Yates

We live in a country where it is legal to kill your baby if you don't want it, where human sex trafficking is a HUGE problem, where child porn is legal in some states, where many parents in every city beat their children, where sex offenders live on every block, where bullying is an outstanding issue, where divorce rates are the highest in the world--I could go on and on and on.
And you're telling me this series is going to have an immense destructive impact on families throughout the world?
Sure, Pastors should respond to it by warning church-goers of the danger in diving into this "mommy porn."
But it's not going to destroy the country!
This is not even something new. All kinds of porn--including book-porn for women--have been flourishing throughout our country for years and years and years.
Must we be so dramatic?
This is not a huge problem.
Everything I listed above--those are problems!
There are so many problems far more damaging than this.
Not that it isn't bad, it's just not catastrophically bad.

Why do Christians make huge problems out of little ones and ignore the problems that are much more destructive and much more important?

How about this:
Why don't Christians show the world a better way to satisfy their longing for love and intimacy by living and presenting the love of Christ?
The lack of focus on love in churches--THAT is a catastrophic problem.

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