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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tremendum Theophaniam (poem)

Tremendum Theophaniam by J.D. Holloway

i swallowed a
deep and intricate flail
and the hyena licked my wounds

said i, “let us dream in pleasant darkness”
 but her osculation endeavored unsuccessfully
for the wound was within and she     without

I ripped the flail from inside my flesh;
the blades cut deep into my soul;
streaks of wounded tissue


it never heard my awful croon

walking the deck of this sinking ship,
i turned to you and inquired if i would ever again see                                                 lumina lumen

but your voice remained silent
and your lust, abound

despair crept into my aching mind as i stared into the cold abyss
“I am here whether you acknowledge me or not,” said the Deep

the strongest sense       of horror          awakened        my       Soul

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