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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Why take a biblical history class?

In a couple weeks, I'll be starting my biblical history class. From September to May I'll be going over the entire story of the Bible with the students. Since I am going through the biblical text, you may be wondering, Why can't I just read the Bible? Why take a class on biblical history?

It'll be helpful to explain some of the things I'll be doing in the class. I won't just be going over the stories in a surface-level fashion, providing the same kind of experience a simple reading of the biblical text would provide. Nor will I be going over the biblical stories and offering devotional messages as a pastor would. The class is meant to introduce the students to a deeper level of understanding of the biblical literature.

This will include looking at the historical context of the respective biblical accounts, and seeing how that context informs our understanding of the situations. It will also include introductions to some of the scholarly debates concerning the biblical texts. For example, did Moses write the Pentateuch? Why do some people say he did and why do others say he didn't?

I also want the class to be a resource for the questions the students have. I'll do my best to give the students what they need to seek a solid understanding on the issues they care about.

It will not be the John Daniel Handbook to the Bible. That is, I will not be teaching my own opinions or my theology. Not only do I plan to offer different viewpoints concerning the accounts and discussing the issues with the students, but my ultimate goal is to inform people about the Bible and to help them gain a new appreciation for it. The students will be the center. I will do my best to just be a humble guide.

It's free. It starts September 4th and will take place on Thursdays at 7pm.

There will be a 3-6 page paper due every 7 weeks. A mid-term, a final, and sporadic quizzes will also be included, but they won't be anything to worry about or fret over.

There will be 29 class sessions total, with weeks off for holidays, or if something comes up and we need to cancel.

If you just want to attend the sessions without committing to the class, that's fine too, even if your attendance is sporadic. I'd like to engage as many people as I can.

So please sign up! :D And tell people about it. I'm really excited!

Email me if you have any questions, including the location info (for the sake of the family at whose home the class will be held, I have not included the address here).

God bless!

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