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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Some Companies I Will No Longer Support, and Why

You may not know this, but many, probably most, of the commodities we regularly consume have slave labor behind them. I am vowing to do my hardest to ensure that I do not support companies that are benefiting from slave labor. As long as people keep buying products from these companies, nothing will change. It takes voices and boycotts for them to take workers' rights seriously.

This is why I'm extremely thankful for This website grades companies in different industries on their policies, transparency, monitoring, and worker rights. The grades are very detailed and easily accessible. Below are some companies whose products I will no longer be buying. I chose them because I have often purchases things from them so they have a direct correlation to my life.

I also plan to write each company informing them of my decision to stop buying their products and why. I encourage you to do the same.

Look up companies you buy from on What are their grades? If they're bad, are you going to stop buying from them? If  you do stop, are you going to inform the company?

There are more slaves today than there have ever been. It's one thing to paint a red X on your hand, it's another to actually change the way you live your life so as to support the fight against slavery and oppression. Join the fight!

C+ Vans
C- Calvin Klein
D+ Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch, Walmart
D Aeropostale, Express
D- Forever 21
F Lacoste

D+ Rolo, Reese's, Milk Duds, Hershey's, Kit Kat
D Butterfinger, Nesquick, Baby Ruth
D- M&M's, Milky Way, Twix, Snickers

C Sony, IBM
C- Blackberry
D Amazon Kindle, Nintendo
D- Canon

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